Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm starting to smell like Lysol

I have a sick boy. :(
He has the flu and it's quite sad.
Thankfully yesterday was an "ice" day and so I was able to stay home to fill him with liquids and be the temperature nazi. It's also been a good excuse to deep clean the house, which is starting to take on a distinct, lysol lemony scent. I kinda like it. :]

Monday, February 7, 2011

feb 7

Today I:
  • broke down and got an iphone--yay for sticking it out with verizon for the long haul! (As you can see, Tanner got my old phone. Now he's using 2?)
  • wrote a report
  • celebrated chinese new years--only a few days behind the rest of the world
  • cuddled
A chill day...but a good day.

it's official kids

July 30, 2011 at 6:30pm, I'ma marry that stud right there. Could not be more excited.

This weekend we went to New Orleans to meet with the wedding planner and firm up some of the beginning plans. It was uber successful, and I'm ridiculously happy with the way things are turning out. We found a venue that is hands down on my list of coolest places ever. It's like walking into an anthropologie magazine. I seriously want to live there for the rest of my life. We found a band, a photographer, a caterer AND baker! I felt pretty gosh darn proud of myself when it was all said and done.

So yea, I'm pretty much a happy camper right now.