Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Happy (end of) November!
This has been the craziest autumn season...it feels like it just began, and here we are, wrapping things up with our last week of November. Things are changing around here. We are moving in two days. TWO days! I can hardly believe it. I'm feeling excited and sentimental all at the same time...I think excitement will win out in the end though. I'm excited for the large winter break that is coming up...time to visit with family, soak up all the special-ness that is the holiday season, and nest in this new place I get to call home. So much change...it's good for the soul.

I'll be back--hopefully next week--with pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday and some peaks into our new  home. My heart is full.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life recently...

Here are some pictures of life around here recently. I treated myself to a new camera after graduation in May (yay!), and the boy and I have had a lot of fun running around and learning to use it.

Tonight I'm heading to Dallas, and tomorrow I'll be flying home to spend a couple weeks practicing my sweet photography skills and visiting family and friends in Florida, Virginia, and Alabama.

I'm already missing the pups and the fella, but I'm excited for a few days out of the Wack.

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's the first day of spring break!!! Ha-lle-lu-jah. 
It's so nice to be home--finished with my licensure exam--soaking up that extra hour sunshine. 
I'm planning to enjoy every last ounce of this week (while hopefully getting the teensiest bit of work done). I see naps, mid-morning runs, special breakfast, and a possible quickie road trip in my future.