Sunday, September 8, 2013

this weekend I...

hosted an old roommate and dear friend for an evening
decided it may be time to reread the Harry Potter series
had the laziest saturday afternoon on the planet
watched so much football I thought my head might explode
received hand-written notes from friends (and replied!)
started decorating for fall
completed THREE crafty pants projects
took my winter clothes out of storage...even though it's still triple digit temps around here

a successful weekend in my book! tomorrow is back to work, and i'm definitely wishing we could relive labor day every monday. i'll be back later this week with some new project recaps. hope you all had wonderful weekends! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

weekend recap and some pictures of life lately

Now that it's back to work time, I take advantage of every opportunity in my brief, precious long weekends. This weekend my mom came into town!


You just don't know how much you'll miss your momma until you move away, y'all. I'm telling you. It was so, so good to have her here. Even if the weekend didn't go exactly as planned.

Promptly after my sweet madre arrived on friday night, our air conditioner compressor decided to die. Welcome to Waco, Mom! On a friday evening. Of a long weekend. During the hottest week of the summer. The temperature in our house at midnight was 90-freaking-degrees. Gag. We moved our adorable industrial fan into the living room and snacked on watermelon while we discussed what in the world we were going to do if the air conditioning man couldn't visit us until tuesday. Did I mention that is was opening weekend for football in our sweet little college town? Three cheers for sold out games and no vacancy hotels! Sic em.

In a beautiful twist of fate, Mr. Air Conditioning Man was working the weekend! And we had a beautifully working AC by dinner time on saturday night.

We spent our day hiding out from the heat in shopping malls while we looked for the perfect fabrics to knock out a little ottoman slipcover diy. (Curtain panels are where it's at!) And we spent the evening watching a little Baylor football with some dear friends. On sunday, my sweet mother-in-law came into town for breakfast and then we spent the rest of the day being gloriously lazy, which is truly the best way to spend a sunday.

We broke out the sewing machine on monday and ended the day with two new slipcovers. I loooooooove them. And will post pictures soon.

Having family in town makes me a the happiest. They should probably just move here.

Some pictures of life lately. :)