Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend recap

Our weekend of randomly picking activities out of a hat was a success! We had the best time, and it was nice not feeling pressured to make decisions for a little while. Our lineup of activities (in pictures!) included:
buying vampire teeth
finishing up the last of our thank you cards
a trip to the pumpkin patch
picking up some spooky stella-wear
tanner's first (and probably last) sushi sad
some equally awesome, though not pictured, activities included:
road trip to a small-town fall festival
a neighborhood bike ride with musical accompaniment
perfecting the art of omelet making (Tanner is a PRO, I tell you)
board games on the patio at sunset
QT couch and movie time (X's 2!)
    Quite possibly one of my favorite weekends ever. :]
    Tonight we're settling in for a cold front that's moving through! Tomorrow I will wear a sweater AND maybe even tights. Praise Jesus. Hoping your weekend was wonderful!


    1. Im with Tanner on sushi......GROSS. Im so glad you are blogging again! I've always loved reading :)

      We are going to the pumpkin patch this Saturday morning with the Glasgows and Crowes. There is supposed to be a maze, Im pretty pumped about that.

    2. Aw thank you, lady!
      A corn maze is definitely on my fall bucket list. I don't think we have one near by though. :(
      Have fun at the pumpkin patch!