Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Weekend :)

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I was pretty sure this weekend would never get here.
It's my birthday weekend :))) And while I have quite a hefty paper due on Tuesday, I have every intention of at least spending part of this weekend celebrating life and enjoying myself.

The plans?
Still undecided. I have a few ideas though. Pretty much anything from this list would be quite lovely:

Seeing SALT
Picnic in the park with puppy and the mister
Flying KITES at a picnic in the park with puppy and the mister
Shopping for patio furniture/designing my new backyard oasis
Picture taking adventure with puppy and mister
Movie night complete with couch and cuddling

Of course there will also be some house cleaning, laundry folding and studying happening somewhere in there....but this weekend definitely has potential. :)

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