Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If I write this blog like I haven't been MIA for the past month...maybe no one will notice.

Yesterday I got a flat tire.
Pretty simple issue...happens to people all the time/every day. Easy fix, yea? Not so much.
You see, I can't just do things the easy way...ever. When I get a flat tire I have to make it interesting--take away the lugnut key and make the hole too big to patch and THEN try to fix the dang thing. It complicates the process a little bit.

It all worked out. :) And I have my car back today AND I learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Lesson #1: The Waco Toyota people are pretty accommodating. I don't know if it's just because I have a gift for sounding extra pitiful and desperate over the phone, but those guys were ready to send someone over to my house to fix things for me.

Lesson #2: America Express offers free roadside assistance to their gold card users--which I just happen to be! This is good good news. Very helpful if I ever happen to get stranded on an expedition back to Alabama...and they towed my car to the dealership for free.

Lesson #3: My roomie is a flat tire connoisseur. She immediately went to work trying to plug the hole and air that sucker up. She googled options instead of working on thank you notes...she carted me around half the day...she was a rock star.

Lesson #4: I can survive small emergencies without my parents. This isn't the first small-scale catastrophe I've experienced since the big move...I've had a quite a few, actually. But no one's had to physically drive down and save me yet. I think that's a win! I guess that makes me an adult, huh? Ikkk.

So yeah. All in all it wasn't too terrible.

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