Friday, June 21, 2013

list love: summer edition

summer love list

We have officially reached my most favorite season of the year. Happy first day of summer!!! I love the warm temperatures, long days, and laid back schedules of summer. It's the season of relaxing, recharging, and eating fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What's not to love? These are some of the things I've picked up in the last few weeks, and I'm quite sure I'll be loving them all summer long.
  1. Last summer I switched my usual scent for this sweet, beachy bit of wonderful and I'm still pretty much obsessed with it. I couldn't wait for the weather to warm up enough for me to start wearing it again this year. I'd wear it to bed if it wasn't so expensive. It smells like drinks on the patio of a tropical resort and reminds me of my honeymoon. Goooood stuff. 
  2. Oh avocado, how I love thee. You're a pretty color, require very little preparation, and make everything taste better. Chips and guacamole are a recurring meal around here these days, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.  
  3. I tried my luck with the high-wasted trend this season and I think I'm a fan. I added these J. Crew pieces to my closet aanndd they make me happy every time I catch a glance. What more can you ask for in a swimsuit? 
  4. I love having long hair...I hate dealing with it. The less maintenance the better, especially in the summer. I've tried my fair share of wave sprays and have even tried making my own. While I definitely have my favorites, I'm always on the hunt for something better. When The Beauty Department published an article claiming that this Victoria's Secret spray was the go-to beach spray for lazy girls, I knew I had to try it. While I've only used it a handful of times, so far I'm a fan! It doesn't leave my hair as soft as I would like, but my waves look great and are long lasting. Also, it's only $12.00. Yes, please. 
  5. About three years ago I decided it was probably time I got serious about protecting myself from the sun or else condemn myself to elephant skin in a few decades. Not cute. While I no longer "tan" and wear sunscreen daily, I still want that glow like everyone else. These little guys help me darken up without streaks or skin damage. They're travel friendly, affordable, and I love them. 
  6. I'm on summer vacation until mid-August, which means I don't have to wake up early or get dressed for work for two.whole.months. It's glorious. I'm living in shorts these days, and J. Crew makes great ones. I have these pleated beauties in teal and adore them. They're flattering and comfortable, which keeps me from wearing athletic shorts everyday. (Your welcome, husband.)
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