Monday, June 24, 2013

mini vacay

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The boy and I are heading out on a little getaway soon! Destination? Biloxi, Mississippi. We'll be meeting my parents on the coast and visiting my brother who lives in the next town over. I'm excited about this trip for two reasons:
  1. Most of our road trips these days include a backseat full of fur babies, and while Stella and Griffin make excellent travel pals, they definitely limit activities. Since we won't have pet accommodations in Biloxi, they'll be staying behind in a doggie hotel and we have the freedom to take our time, stop wherever we like along the way, and buy big items without worrying if we can get them home! Good stuff. 
  2. I've never been to Biloxi! I'm excited to explore a new city and hoping we find a few gems hiding in the corners while we're down there.
I would love any recommendations on places to visit, things to do, restaurants to eat if you know of any, send em' on over!

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  1. I have been to Biloxi several times. They have a lot of really good restaurants. The link below is from my last trip I went for a bachelorette weekend. Mary Mahoney's is my absolute favorite though. Their Sisters of the Sea Au Gratin is delicious. The Beau Rivage has a nice pool where you can order drinks and lunch not sure if that is where you're staying. I'm not big on gambling so after a few penny slots and roulette I head to the pool :)I hope y'all have fun! Let me know if you find any cool places!