Sunday, April 3, 2011

etsy love

I love etsy--looovvvveeee. I can spend hours upon hours browsing, making wish lists, decorating and redecorating my future house....It is my most favorite time suck. :]

Since I can't possibly purchase all the things I'm regularly lusting after, I've decided sharing them here would be the perfect way to keep a record of what I love. And perhaps you'll buy something and I can live vicariously through you?

So, without further adieu.

Don't be surprised if you receive this as a gift one day.

These themed aprons would be a perfect addition to my collection!

LOVE this painting.

All kinds of cute.

I already have a place set aside in our future house.

The most amazing storage container I've ever seen. Ever.

I will own these magnets.

Hope you all had a most amazing weekend! I miss it already.

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