Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Though I forgot to bring the camera around for the majority of our trip, I did remember to stash it in our bag one morning before doing a little sight seeing in downtown Biloxi. The area was small, but ridiculously charming. We grabbed brunch in a little cafe' where we shared chicory coffee and beignets. It was like New Orleans without the crowds!

Thankfully, I had my phone handy to snap a few pictures on the other days.

^^An Osborn vacation is not complete without a trip to the candy store. I didn't pick up any candy on this trip, but I did learn that I reaaaaally don't like truffles...like, at all.

^^Before we left I heard some pretty terrible things about Biloxi's beaches. Since the coast here is surrounded by barrier islands, the beaches are really different than other areas of the gulf. There really aren't any waves and the water isn't clear unless you want to take a ferry out to the beaches on the islands. While I definitely missed those things, one thing I loved about the Biloxi beach was that the sandbars went out forever! You see those little heads bobbing way out there in the distance? Yea, they're SITTING DOWN. There are no waves to knock them over so they're just hanging out. Next time we go I plan to bring my own little lounger, which I will park 100 feet out and nap for an entire day.

It was such a fun trip! Kudos to my brother for landing in such a hidden gem of a place. I hope he stays forever.

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